Riding trips for all

Horse riding tours for all

At riding tour Bornholm you will find riding for anyone. We ride around the ruins of Hammershus Castle and in the surrounding areas including Slotslyngen and Hammerknuden


Our trips

Novice trip

  • For beginners
  • Duration: 20 min
  • Difficulty: ★

Adventure trip

  • For everyone
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Difficulty: ★★

Hammer tour

  • For skilled riders
  • Duration: 1.5 hour
  • Difficulty: ★★★★

Long trip

  • For experienced
  • Duration: 2.5 hour
  • Difficulty: ★★★★★

Horse Camp

  • Week 23: Friday and Saturday

Closed for the rest of the year

We re-open next season in June 2020

Practical information


Practical clothing according to the weather. Bare legs and sandals is not recommended when riding. Please wear long jeans and closed shoes.



All riders must wear riding helmets. Riding safety vest can be borrowed on site if desired.


Please notice:

All riding is on your own risk. Should one happen to get injured your are responsible for your own insurance coverage.

Our guides 2019

We are proud to welcome you all by an experienced team. 

Read more about the guides in the tab: Who are we?

Mai Kaas



I hope to give you an wonderful experience and I hope you will enjoy it.

Kebie R. Hansen

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I am really excited to show you one of the most beautiful places in Denmark and i hope you will have some good trips.

Line Skov Mogensen

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I am looking forward to taking you on horse riding trips and showcasing some of the prettiest nature on Bornholm.

Nanna Anker Hansen

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 I hope you will all enjoy this amazing experience as mush as we do.

How to find us

Driving description

From Allinge - Sandvig Continue towards Hammershus driving on langebjergvej. After some 1 km after leaving the town you turn right on to Sænevej. Continue on Sænevej for about 300m and turn right on to hammersøvej. The start position is visible on your right hand and parking is available further up on your left hand.


Parking is by the large parking lot at Opalsøen.


There are no toilets at the starting position. Please use the toilets at the parking lot at Opalsøen or down by the harbour of Hammerhavn.

Thanks to

Our fantastic business partners whom makes our existences possible.


The Danish Nature Agency


Erik Kunddahl

Hammershus-lam has been very kind with pens for our horses where some of the trips are also passing through. 

A close cooperation with the Danish Nature Agency has ensured us good riding trails and an explicit haunt at Hammerholm 

Without Hesteklewa there would be no horses. This is the place where the horses live when they are not riding around Hammershus.

Erik Kunddahl has been helpful with many of our used photos. In cooperation with Vicky Mathiesen from Dejo Event they have shoot some beautiful pictures which we have been lucky enough to use.

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